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GFA - SC Genemuiden U19

Global Football Academy VS

GFA - SC Genemuiden U19

Global Football Academy (GFA) – SC Genemuiden U19

A great new challenge for the GFA-players.
At the start we were quit busy finding out how to play against the talented team of SC Genemuiden.
We often had ball-possession, really practiced passing the ball around, performing combinations and position play.

During the first half we made a lot of wrong decisions, which made SC Genemuiden very dangerous from the counter. Genemuiden scored the 1-0 and the 2-0.
After the second goal GFA finally got better: Mason made a wonderful goal.
Before halftime it became 2-2.

During the second half we played completely on the opponents half. We had that much pressure on the game, which prevented SC Genemuiden from really breaking out.
It eventually became 4-2 for GFA.
The boys learn a lot in such competitions. Choosing the right position and putting pressure are accents we often deal with.

Keep up the good work lads!

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